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World Architecture Festival Shortlist 2024
10th July 2024

Broadway Malyan is excited to announce that the Surabaya Urban Transformation Project, Banco BPI All In One and Bandar Malaysia have been shortlisted for the WAF Awards 2024

The Surabaya Urban Transformation Project, also known as Dolly, has been awarded the WAFX 24 prize for Ethics and Values and shortlisted in the Experimental Future Projects category. The Putat Jaya area of Surabaya, Indonesia, was once home to Southeast Asia’s largest red-light district. The project has developed a transformational blueprint for a vibrant, equitable and sustainable district, setting a new benchmark for kampungs across Indonesia.

“The sense of positivity about the future is widespread and infectious. This is a project and a process that is underpinned by a belief in human dignity, where previously unheard voices are elevated, and the actors are empowered to create a new future for Dolly.”

Monique Suksmaningsih, Practice Principal

Shortlisted in the Retail Inside Interiors category, Banco BPI All In One is a new banking experience that brings together various service elements into a unique space that is both functional and experiential. The All In One concept creates spaces and installations that support the highest levels of customer care and exceptional service, while also asserting themselves to create a user experience and journey that is surprising, captivating and unforgettable.

The new integrated concept was underpinned by the fundamental Banco BPI brand principles of experience and harmony, which were translated architecturally in line with the bank’s aspirations to revolutionise the customer and public experience.

Bandar Malaysia, shortlisted for the Masterplanning Future Projects category, is a proposed mixed-use development that aims to create an integrated new community that will propel future development and growth in Kuala Lumpur while setting a new benchmark for sustainable design and planning in the region.

The 196 ha development site, which sits on the former Sungai Besi Airforce Base and is located 5km to the south of the heart of Kuala Lumpur, is the largest of its kind in Malaysia, providing a unique opportunity to create a compact, complete and connected neighbourhood that is people-centric, liveable and sustainable.

"Bandar Malaysia is more than urban planning; it’s a dedication to preserving heritage and breathing new life and character into the city’s very soul. It is an exemplar project that embraces the principles of transit oriented development, creating a unique super-connected live/work environment that reflects and responds to Malaysia’s unique cultural landscape and identity."

Monique Sukmansingsih, Practice Principal