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World of Wine
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Celebrating the history of Portugal's wine trade

The World of Wine is a world-class tourist attraction for the Fladgate Partnership Group, set in a series of former warehouses in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The new attraction includes five separate areas including Wine Experience, Cork Experience, Porto Through the Ages, a Fashion & Design Museum and the History of Drinking Vessels. World of Wine also boasts a wine school, 12 catering venues, shops, exhibition space, a new square and parking for 150 vehicles.

Vila Nova de Gaia is located along the river in Porto and is the historic heart of the Portuguese wine industry with hundreds of warehouses, many dating back to the early 19th century, where wine and Port wine would be stored, often for up to 20 years.

Vila Nova de Gaia is an area synonymous with the wine industry and is made up of hundreds of warehouses that vary from up to 200 years old to more recent 20th century additions which are developed almost on top of each other on a hillside over-looking the river and connected by a network of narrow roads.

The challenges of the location has seen much of the industrial activity move away leaving many of the warehouses empty. Our client is still active in the industry and this aspirational concept is about celebrating its history while also creating an attraction that will benefit the whole city by attracting new visitors and stimulating additional investment.

The development saw the restoration of a number of historic warehouses as well as the demolition of several newer buildings to create a new large public square which forms the centre-point of the new development and has been designed to offer stunning views across the river and city beyond.

The view from the area is extraordinary so the design works hard to ensure that it is celebrated wherever possible, both from the buildings and also the public square where people are able to eat, drink and relax.

Many of the existing buildings, which are long rectangular structures with a charming quality, have been completely renewed with the replacement of the original wooden beams and restoration of the original granite brickwork. Where the main structure has been beyond repair, just the facades have been retained. The development is also supported by two new buildings which have a more contemporary approach but respond to their historic setting.

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