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Porto Office Park
Porto, Portugal

Multi award winning new build campus comprising two office buildings and amenity centre rated BREEAM Excellent

The architecturally bold development, which was voted best new office of 2020 in the Expresso Real Estate Awards, provides a pioneering and unique office experience with the creation of two landmark office buildings enveloped by a new urban park.

The symbiosis between technology, design and nature mean that Porto Office Park is much more than a standard modern office development with the new BREEAM ‘excellent’ office park designed to support occupiers attract and retain the best talent with a focus on wellbeing and modern flexible work trends.

The two symmetrical office buildings are each nine storeys with three underground floors of parking and between them offer a total of 31,086 sq.m. space. To create maximum flexibility, each floorplate has been set up on a 1.5m grid, allowing occupiers to completely tailor the space to their needs.

The quality of the offer has already attracted a range of high profile occupiers including PwC which has taken two floors for its new Porto headquarters.

Sustainability has been an important aspect of the design and construction process and the buildings are clad with a glass and aluminium façade that has been constructed offsite, a process that improves the build quality while also making the construction process more efficient. The scheme achieved a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating.

The façade has been constructed in modules of 8.4m lengths across two floors creating a rhythmical vertical pattern of dark textured fins that reflect the granite used to construct many of Porto’s early buildings.

The iconic design of the façade with vertical dark fins not only provides an important shading function but also gives the buildings a memorable silhouette and creates a strong and identifiable presence in the city. The buildings also change on tone and provide different views as the sun moves across the Porto sky.

In addition to a 300 sq.m. lounge, each building also includes an auditorium, meeting and event rooms with a capacity for up to 200 people and a 250-seat cafeteria that includes a 100 sq.m. outside terrace.

The integration of inside and out and creating a strong sense of place was at the heart of the design intent with the office buildings designed to integrate with the 15,000 sq.m. new urban park with green walls in the lobby areas and stone and wood finishes, reinforcing the natural aspects of the project and enhancing the overall feeling of wellbeing within the buildings.

The second phase of the scheme, which has recently received planning consent, will be for a third building that will provide a range of retail, leisure and sporting facilities.

The two storey building responds to the design of the two main office buildings with a contemporary language that constitutes a series of dynamic metal 1.5m-spaced metal framed elements with glass between although some will remain open to allow for outdoor patios and pedestrian crossings through the site.

The metal porticos will also serve as support element for the growth of vines, integrating the building into the surrounding landscape including the wider park and newly planted trees along the pavement in front of the building.

The new building will include two restaurants, retail space, a gym and changing rooms for the three new paddle board courts that are planned to sit behind while an outdoor terrace will offer an additional space for meeting and relaxing.

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