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Mann Island
Liverpool, UK

Reconnecting the city to its historic waterfront

Sitting adjacent to Liverpool’s world-renowned ‘Three Graces’, the award-winning Mann Island scheme reconnects the city centre to its historic waterfront via a sequence of three new buildings and public spaces.

It sits at the heart of Liverpool’s Mercantile World Heritage site and is a truly mixed use regeneration project, comprising; 363 apartments, retail and leisure space, Grade A BREEAM Excellent office space and a covered public realm that includes an internal exhibition area.

The innovative, yet sensitively designed scheme, comprises 363 one and two-bed apartments, 13,080m² of office, 7,295m² of retail and leisure space, plus 1,247m² of covered public realm including an internal exhibition space.

Two triangulated residential buildings form large sculptural objects on the dock edge, whilst a third linear BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rated commercial building reinforces the Strand’s streetscape, the main thoroughfare along Liverpool’s Waterfront.

The highly successful project was achieved through Broadway Malyan’s rigorous design approach and by knowing the site, the city and its psyche, a scheme was designed that has not only been commercially successful but has also won many design accolades.

Sketch of Mann Island, Liverpool, mixed use regeneration scheme designed by architect Broadway Malyan

An iconic profile

Mann Island sits at the heart of Liverpool’s Mercantile World Heritage site and is a truly mixed use regeneration project.

The geometry of the two residential sculpted wedges relates to Mann Island and the Graving Docks, their profiled roofscapes preserving key views of the historic pier head buildings. Meanwhile, the third linear commercial building relates to the geometry of the Strand and city grid beyond.

Externally the granite facades create a civic scale and the cladding, which is diamond cut polished Shanxi absolute black Granite and glass, ties in with the foreground dock water and maintains a contrast in views with the pale stone historic pier head buildings. As with the dock water, the polished granite also reflects the texture and detail of its surrounding historic setting, providing the building with an ever changing appearance.

Aerial view of the Mann Island scheme, showing two triangulated new residential buildings and a third commercial block.
Context plan and key for Mann Island scheme in Liverpool, showing the three blocks, footbridge and pier head.
Cross section of Mann Island mixed-use development in Liverpool

A space for community

The apartments in the courtyard format residential buildings are all dual aspect and have been designed to suit a wide range of age groups as well as families. Many of the apartments have generous and very private roof terraces whilst apartments facing the courtyard have clearly demarked and defensible balcony areas.

The internal balconies within the covered courtyards have been design to encourage tenants to personalise their space, creating a sense of community and interaction between residents. All the internal balconies and the courtyards are fully overlooked and access is only available to tenants.

Internal balconies and courtyards within residential building at Mann Island in Liverpool.

Room to work

The fully occupied office building incorporates a generous south facing external roof terrace which provides a secure external break out space. The office accommodation has been designed to allow full accessibility for all potential building users exceeding DDA requirements in many aspects of the scheme’s provision.

Photo of Mann Island mixed-use development in Liverpool, showing fully occupied office building to the left.

A sense of place

The scheme incorporates three new major public spaces and a pedestrian foot bridge designed to reconnect Liverpool’s city centre to its historic waterfront. The third of these new spaces is a south facing canal basin creating a sheltered waterside leisure destination which forms a key part of the re-animation of the waterfront.

Each of the three spaces have been designed to suit a different purpose; the space adjacent to the canal offers a sheltered south facing space for dining and leisure focused activities, the Winter Garden, a covered public realm providing an informal event and exhibition space whilst the third space opens up the George’s dock passage and provides an orientation and meeting space.

Photo of the Winter Garden, a covered public realm space linking the Mann Island scheme to RIBA North in Liverpool.

Culture at its heart

RIBA North is a new architecture centre for the North of England, situated within the Mann Island complex. The centre includes the RIBA’s first museum standard gallery outside of London, showcasing its world-class collection of drawings, photographs and models. Accessed via the covered glazed Winter Garden, RIBA North’s 1,350m two tier design sits within the central block.

“For Broadway Malyan it has been a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate our genuine passion and commitment to design and a high quality built environment.”
Ian Apsley, CEO, Broadway Malyan

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