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Miami Cruise Terminal
Miami, USA

Creating a new waterfront icon for the world’s largest ships

The $100m new cruise terminal for Royal Caribbean Cruises creates an unmistakeable landmark at the gateway to Miami, the undisputed cruise capital of the world.

Nicknamed the ‘Crown of Miami’ because of its shape, the building provides a dynamic addition to the port and is home to Royal Carribean’s Oasis class vessels, the world’s largest cruise ship with space for over 5,400 passengers.

Romance and glamour

Our concept was built upon three interrelated aspirations:

  • A building of Miami, celebrating the rich maritime history of South Florida though a design that creates a functional yet iconic shape during the day and a canvas for colourful projections at night
  • An exemplar passenger experience, with clear flows, comfortable areas and carefully detailed interiors
  • Bringing back the romance of the terminals of old by celebrating the ships and providing arriving passengers with an immediate sense of excitement about their upcoming journey

“Our aim was to create an iconic destination and arrival experience for passengers, which provides a great experience from curbside to ship in an innovative and modern cruise terminal.”

Jon Geaney, Practice Principal

“Our aim was to create an iconic destination and arrival experience for passengers, which provides a great experience from curbside to ship in an innovative and modern cruise terminal.”

Jon Geaney, Practice Principal

​Crowning glory

Our concept started from a simple sketch; an ‘M’ for Miami alongside the Royal Caribbean logo. This led to our proposition to create a “new crown of Miami”.

Formed of two linked buildings, the waterfront terminal on the north and car parking and arrivals on the south, the building references these two forms as well as a sense of waves rising or ships passing from a side-on view. This is achieved by triangulating the solid faces of the building, providing a dynamic profile that conveys movement and reflects the waterfront surroundings. An integrated coloured lighting scheme further enhances the building's impact against the stunning Floridian sunsets.

Royal Caribbean’s brand focuses as much on the experiences beyond the cruise and to that end, we have designed the terminal around the passenger experience, looking at every point of the journey, from arrival, to picking up your bags to embarking the ship - it is a place for new experiences and an opportunity to bring Miami’s spirit to life.

Concept sketches for Miami Cruise Terminal, for which Broadway Malyan is delivering masterplanning, landscaping and branding services to client Royal Caribbean.

​An arrival with impact

The main challenge was to ensure that the proposed solution combined practicality and functionality with a design that had significant visual impact and created a sense of arrival.

While the building’s profile provides a dynamic addition to the port, the interior design focuses on making the most of the arrivals experience. A triple height space provides an open, airy feel and exceptional views of the docked ships when passengers arrive and travel throughout the terminal. A sculptural propeller forms a major centre piece, creating an exciting focal point as passengers rise up to the departure lounge.

By splitting the building in two, the main terminal is separated from the noise and views of the working port that borders the site. This enabled an approach that arranges some of the more operational aspects such as parking, drop-off and baggage handling on one side of the terminal and prioritises quality spaces and facilities for passengers along the waterfront.

Efficiency without compromise

The external façade mixes steel, aluminium and glazing and has been built using a simple prefabricated frame, prefabricated flooring panels, and a repetitive system, enabling the building to be constructed quickly and efficiently at lower cost.

Sustainability focused enhancements reduced its environmental impact, including rainwater collection and recycling to be used for cooling, toilet flushing and irrigation. The main glazing wall faces north to maximise views and energy efficiency.

Travelling forwards

As well designing the building, Broadway Malyan delivered masterplanning, landscaping and branding services, ensuring that the client received an integrated approach to the project. It is Broadway Malyan's first project in the United States.

“Our appointment to design the new Royal Caribbean cruise liner terminal in Miami opens up a completely new sector for Broadway Malyan and the Americas is a region that has strong potential going forward.”
Ian Apsley, CEO, Broadway Malyan

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