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Shanghai Dehong School
Shanghai, China

From Primary (Grades 1-5), the students are grouped into whole year clusters. Each cluster combines four Chinese Medium Learning (CML) classrooms and four immersive, flexible English Medium Learning (EML) classrooms.

At the heart of every cluster is a multi-use SE21 break-out area combining a large lecture space and portable study pods, allowing teachers and students to rearrange the space to provide a dynamic and flexible learning environment necessary for 21st Century Learning.

Middle school teaching is clustered departmentally and pairs immersive CML and EML classrooms around flexible SE21 collaboration areas. A large SE21 hub is located on the ground floor of the building adjacent to the main lobby and paired together with the library to form the academic heart of the school.

Each and every cluster, both in Primary and Middle Schools and on all levels of the school, has its own dedicated outdoor learning terraces located around two large quads. Outdoor learning environments are key to the school's offer and these spaces where the lines between work and play become increasingly blurred, invite true engagement and encourage creativity and collaboration.

“SE21 is a unique educational framework where the ‘S’ stands for STEAM, ‘E’ for entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability and the ‘21’ for the 21st century skills developed in the school’s approaches to learning.”

The outdoor learning terraces are connected to the SE21 collaboration areas within the building and playfully step-up to a large exploratory garden and running track located on the rooftop of the school. This multifunction roof-scape combines green areas for educational exploration and learning, an open-air amphitheatre for plays, music & cultural performances as well as a 300m running track with complementary outdoor sports facilities.

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