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CIBIS Branding
Jakarta, Indonesia

From masterplanning to branding, CIBIS was an end-to-end project where we worked across masterplanning, landscape and branding and wayfinding teams internally to create a unified, cohesive story for the development.

The development is inspired by the Javanese planning concept of the ‘alun alun’, the traditional town square and heart of civic activity, with the identity and brand language taking the narrative forward by creating a shield in the form of ‘C’ from CIBIS, signalling a community, a sense of belonging, a place that is rooted in heritage while helping you move ahead into the future.

The branding for CIBIS had to convey quality and target an international business audience
The CIBIS branding uses a shield as its main device
A cutaway in the signage helps emphasis the CIBIS logo
Taglines focus on the ease of doing business at CIBIS

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