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Ascendas-Singbridge Branding

A long-term relationship to deliver branding and wayfinding across a diverse portfolio for one of Asia’s leading workplace developers

Broadway Malyan has worked with Ascendas-Singbridge for over five years providing branding and wayfinding services for a number of workplace and business park developments.

This includes their headquarters, Singapore Science Park, Ascent and Galaxis, a contemporary office development that also includes retail and living space.


Located at the gateway of Singapore Science Park 1, Ascent is an iconic development that will redefine Singapore Science Park. We were assigned to build a brand that not only expressed various uses of the development, but also give it a language that tied back to our work with rebranding Singapore Science Park itself.

The result was a simple logotype with a graphic language that reflected then façade of the building and expressed it across various communication points and a comprehensive wayfinding system.

The Ascent brand is inspired by the facade of the building


Galaxis is a state-of-the-art business space that offers the very best in contemporary urban living, workspaces and retail activities within a central plaza.

We developed the brand story along with a strong identity and language that communicated various facets of life at Galaxis, along with extensive wayfinding and signage design for the development.

Inspired by the facade of the main building, the identity makes a mark for a streamlined, well-paced life through its styling. This language extends through all applications in communication, wayfinding, interior design and more.

The Galaxis branding had to reflect the tech industries that will be using the building

Singapore Science Park

The Singapore Science Park is the definitive address for R&D and innovation is Asia. We were assigned to rebrand the park and create a simple yet strong identity that permeated through all communication and wayfinding for the park.

A dynamic identity made up of three ovals derived from Singapore’s own dot, the Singapore Science Park identity is an interpretation of the atom symbol, signalling people and their talents and ambitions, the place and its immense possibilities, and innovation as a driver for the park.

The branding for Singapore Science Park is inspired by the symbol for the atom
As well as branding, Broadway Malyan developed the wayfinding strategy for Galaxis
Broadway Malyan has had a long history of working with Ascendas and has even designed the branding and wayfinding for its HQ

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