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Broadway Malyan commissioned to reimagine Lisbon's iconic Hotel Mundial
27th February 2024

A well-known Lisbon hotel that exemplified the modernist movement of the mid-20th century is set to undergo a major facelift to meet the growing demand for high quality hospitality in the city.

Hotel Mundial, which is currently managed by PHC Hotels – Portuguese Hospitality Collection, was designed by pioneering architect Porfirio Pardal Monteiro and opened in 1958 in the Baixa Pombalina district of the city.

The hotel has since undergone extensive change following four separate extensions and hospitality specialists Broadway Malyan have now been commissioned to help restore the hotel to its former glory.

Margarida Caldeira, global hospitality lead for Broadway Malyan and head of its Lisbon studio, said: “Hotel Mundial was unlike anything else in the city when it first opened more than 60 years ago, creating a striking contemporary landmark in one of Lisbon’s most historic neighbourhoods.

“In recent years the city has experienced an explosion of investment with Baixa Pombalina emerging as one of the city’s most vibrant districts and we are excited to have the opportunity to help transform Hotel Mundial and recapture its position as one of the city’s premier hotel destinations.”

As part of the project, Broadway Malyan will remodel the hotel’s public areas including the bar and lobby and back of house on the ground floor as well as the meeting rooms and public areas on the first floor.

The project will also include the introduction of a new interior design scheme throughout the hotel, including refreshing the interiors of the hotel’s 349 guest rooms as well as exploring opportunities to upgrade some of the guest rooms to suites.

The back of house and staff facilities have already been recently upgraded and Margarida said that a key part of project was to create a similarly exceptional guest experience.

She said: “Quality of service is right at the heart of a positive guest experience and Hotel Mundial’s investment in its back of house facilities has already set a clear benchmark as to the expectations for the wider renovation of the hotel.

“This is a hotel that has a rich history, and our aim is to restore the unique character of the building, embracing the original architectural elements such as striking central staircase while introducing contemporary and sometimes irreverent features that will reinvigorate its glamour and presence.

“Central to the project will be to open up the original entrance of the hotel, creating a spill out from the hotel bar that will help provide a new connection between the hotel and its prime urban location, creating a new relationship between the lobby and bar areas as well as introducing a new terrace that will create an exciting new connection with the historic street scene.

“On the first floor we are remodelling the outdoor terrace to create a new relationship with the restaurant, and we are also refurbishing the business centre with a new reception for the suite of meeting rooms.

“The idea will be to create a garden environment within the existing courtyard, providing a great experience and sense of comfort for guests using this space. This biophilia will create shaded pergolas that will offer F&B spaces, enhancing the guest experience while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

“We will also introduce a much lighter and brighter colour palette throughout the hotel with an emphasis on nature with green elements and natural materials helping to create that all-important sense of wellbeing for the hotel’s guests.”

In the lobby, the presence of biophilia upon arrival will contribute to a sense of the nearby Martim Moniz Park extending into the lobby, providing an immediate sense of wellbeing.

Miguel Andrade, PHC Hotels Managing Director, said: “Hotel Mundial holds an important place in Lisbon’s transformation into a modern, global city and we are delighted to be working with Broadway Malyan to ensure that the hotel continues to excite and enthrall its guests for many years to come.”