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Walton Court

Landmark contemporary living

Walton Court will provide 375 new homes in Walton-on-Thames on the site of the former Birds Eye headquarters, which has stood empty for more than a decade. The striking design of the original building with its strong horizontal rhythm created by the half hexagonal aluminium pattern of the façade was a key influence in the design of the new development providing a new landmark for the site.

A central ‘jewel’ building with an enclosed formal residential courtyard will be nestled among proposed brick buildings that will offer an architectural counterpoint to the main building and help to bed the scheme into the neighbourhood. The full height angled façade components evoke the original hexagonal pattern, offering a constantly changing façade throughout the day through relief and shadow.

The architectural and landscape approach have been designed in parallel to create a strong sense of community for future residents. Streets and open spaces lined with new and existing mature trees draw on the ordered geometry of the original Birds Eye HQ masterplan and feature paving and a reflective pool provide focal points.

Broadway Malyan's design for the former Birds Eye HQ, Walton Upon Thames

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