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Abu Dhabi

Integrated new settlements within Abu Dhabi's most beautiful coastal landscapes

This is a unique project that will see the creation of a series of new integrated settlements around some of Abu Dhabi's most beautiful coastline. Jubail Island, which sits between Saadiyat Island and Yas Island, is set to be transformed by the Jubail Island Investment Company (JIIC) in a multi-billion programme that will see the development of 1,200 homes in six distinct 'villages'.

Masterplanned by Broadway Malyan and earmarked as Abu Dhabi’s ‘nature and nurture’ centre, Jubail Island is uniquely designed to integrate with the existing natural habitat of the island and outstanding views.

Uniquely, the development has been designed to fully integrate with the existing natural habitat of the island including the coastal mangroves, delivering an ecologically positive development that will promote diversity and protect indigenous species around the island.

The project was led right from the very beginning by the environmental constraints to create a plan that both celebrates and works in harmony with the local environment. Jubail Island is adjacent to an area earmarked as a natural preserve with abundant bird life so it was important that the plan was completely sustainable, preserving and enhancing the island’s existing assets while creating places with wellbeing and liveability at their heart.

The development will be broken down into six village clusters that were inspired from in-depth built form studies of local, regional and global villages, although each has been independently designed with their own character and identity, layouts and densities.

In addition to the 1,200 homes, Jubail Island will include a marina, two schools, a beach club, sport centres, five mosques, two hotels, four community clubs and office space. However, building heights will be restricted and all shops will be within a high street rather than a mall.

Visualisation of low density villas at one with nature on Jubail Island, masterplanned by Broadway Malyan

As part of the design process Broadway Malyan deconstructed the elements of a village to understand what appeals to us as communal and social beings as well as exploring the subtle and organic pattern development that has shaped small villages and settlements across the world.

Given its unique context, a key component of the design was the landscape architecture. Broadway Malyan’s team worked closely to develop a unique approach that included creating a series of character areas across the plan with sensitive designs for the streetscape and public spaces ranging from waterfront parks to small urban plazas. The team included Broadway Malyan’s signage and wayfinding experts who developed designs for the different character areas within the plan with subtle changes in materials to aid legibility across the new communities and create a unique sense of place.

“The importance of wellbeing also underpinned our design approach and the plan recognizes the importance of physical and social activity, creating places and spaces to meet, explore and relax, whether that is a beautiful square within the village or a boardwalk through the mangroves, within a coastal landscape that evolves with the tides and times of the day.”
James Rayner, Director Broadway Malyan

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