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Fabrica 1921
Lisbon, Portugal

Refurbishment of former textiles factory to stylish new residential apartments

The Fabrica 1921 residential mixed use project sits at the heart of the Benfica district of Lisbon. The 162-apartment scheme rehabilitates the site of the Fábrica de Têxteis Simões & Cª Lda factory, an icon of the neighborhood, retaining parts of the historic facade to create a vibrant residential complex with a beautifully landscaped stepped courtyard that incorporates aromatic gardens and a children's play area, a shared rooftop pool, gym and lounges with views to Monsanto forest park.

The apartments feature expansive balconies with integrated greenery, orientated to maximise views towards the forest park and the landscaped inner courtyard. Views are framed by the clean elegant lines of the contemporary facades.

Top floor apartments benefit from shaded private roof terraces with integrated barbecue pits. Private gardens offer the ground level apartments privacy as well as invaluable private external space.

Feature buildings create memorable moments around the development - the woven textile pattern of a feature facade visible from the surroundings evokes the heritage of the site, whilst a feature building clad in sparkling reflective green ceramic tiles integrates seamlessly in to the beautifully landscaped green space at the heart of the development.

Residences as well as a new public library and commercial space are sensitively inserted in to the remaining historic building fabric, preserving and celebrating the original spirit of the place.

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