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Boulevard Campinas
Campinas, Brazil

Mixed-Use scheme with 247.000 sqm GCA, located in the heart of a masterplan for this suburban area in Campinas, Brazil

Concept Design for 11 buildings: 4 Residential Towers, 5 Office Towers, 1 Hotel Tower and 1 Convention Centre with 8000 sqm; as well as public spaces and landscape.

The project includes the renovation of the existing Bus Terminal that will stand as a bridge connecting the project site to the existing Iguatemi Shopping Centre nearby.

The project emerges from the urge of establishing a ‘Sense of Place’ in a site which used to be an old Carrefour Hypermarket and respective car parking.

Our creative process began with the idea of transforming the site into A Place - a memorable place, an active and sustainable one with a sense of community. Having the focus on the public realm allowed us to arrange the buildings as a crucial part of the public experience, containing or oppening different typologies of the public space, promoting connections and enhancing the realm of the area.

A pedonal ‘Boulevard’ breach in to connect opposite sides of the plot, inspiring the name of the project and where a new Tower stands as a reference point which will connect directly through bridges to existing Shopping Centre.

When it comes to urban configuration and massing, the scheme revolves around this main central tower - the ‘Landmark Tower’ - which in the highest one and from where all the others decrease gradiently in height, elevating it. This strategy allowed the buildings to maximize sunlight, take advantage of park views and support this idea of standing as a new memorable place, as an urban Icon.

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