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Jon Geaney

Director - Broadway Malyan Asia Pte. Ltd
BA (Hons)


Jon is a board director of Broadway Malyan Asia Pte. Ltd. He is based in our Singapore studio where he leads a team who specialise in graphic design both within and outside the architectural field. Jon's expertise is in corporate identity working mainly within the placemaking, retail, hospitality and residential sectors.

During his over 10 years at the firm Jon has worked on a variety of projects from the branding of large shopping centres to small bars and cafes. He has worked on projects in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Jon is also responsible for Broadway Malyan’s own brand identity.

Jon Geaney is a Board Director of Broadway Malyan Asia Pte. Ltd based in Singapore, leading a team specialising in graphic design and corporate identity.
“Great buildings are much more than bricks and mortar. They are expressions of a client’s vision. We use brand and graphic design expertise to ensure that projects resonate with their users and succeed at every level.”

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