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Ben Somner

Practice Principal


Ben is the education sector lead for the Asia region with a passion for developing innovative future learning environments.

He is a broad education sector specialist with significant experience across the full education spectrum from kindergarten and K12 international bilingual schools to higher education and vocational training.

He is particularly interested in blurring the boundaries between the traditional education sector and other allied sectors with a focus on lifelong learning, community education and vocational & executive training.

As a leading voice in pedagogical design and thinking, Ben is a regular speaker at education a design conferences including BEED Asia and the International and Private Schools Education Forum.

Recent Activity

China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Suzhou, China


Broadway Malyan completes landmark campus building in China

29th January 2022


The Kindergarten of the Future, established 1837

Ben Somner
3rd March 2020


Chengdu Westminster

Chengdu, China