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Broadway Malyan completes stunning woodland retreat in the Cotswolds
12th October 2021

A carefully crafted luxury home inspired by the early 20th century modernist movement has been completed by Broadway Malyan.

Located within the Lakes for Yoo estate in the English Cotswolds, the private home has been specifically designed to flow into its traquil woodland surroundings.

The architectural approach hails from the minimal lines of classic architecture by the likes of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, where transparency is articulated between striking horizontal elements, born of the seminal European pavilions of the 1920s and pairies of the US Midwest in the 1950s.

The building has been designed as a single level to respond to the needs of the client while the woodland setting enabled a design with a predominantly glazed facade without any concerns about privacy.

The floor slab is slightly raised above the ground, giving the impression that the building is floating above the landscape and the external flooring is flush to the internal wooden floors, allowing the living spaces to extend outdoors when the glazed doors are open.

Hugo Fitzgerald, director at Broadway Malyan, said: "We really enjoyed creating this bespoke and tailored home in this stunning setting.

"It gave us the opportunity to drive down into details and we feel that out approach where we focused on the extension of space and landscape into the residence has succeeded in creating a truly remarkable home.

"Our practice ethos is about creating homes, not just buildings, and we are glad that we have been able to do that with this project."