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Gabrilla Samsir is an Urban Designer based in our Singapore studio. She loves to explore new ways to improve cities, finding the right balance between smart innovative technologies and traditional design thinking to create sustainable urban environments


I usually reach the office around 9.30 and get my morning coffee in the pantry before starting my day. I like to set a daily goal for what I want to achieve for the day and today my goal is to sketch a masterplan design for a new township in Indonesia.

We visited the site few weeks ago, so I am brimming with ideas on what to do with it. The site is blessed with a huge lake with mature trees on the perimeter and you can even see mountain at the distance. Keeping the biodiversity on the site will be a key preposition for this project. On top of that, we need a strategy on how to activate and unlock the wider potential of the site.

10.00 So first things first is researching similar benchmarks as well as fresh ideas. When I am researching, I like to look at random resources from Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube videos and journals to get my ideas. You never know what you will find if you limit yourself to only specific sources like Pinterest or architecture websites. After knowing roughly what ideas could be great for the project, I will park it at one side because it’s now lunch time!

13.00 Today we are going to Warung Ijo, it’s a vegan restaurant in our bustling neighbourhood. The food has a nice kick of spice with a whimsically-designed interior, it’s the perfect spot to eat and catch up with my colleagues.

14.00 After lunch I start sketching some ideas for the project, working with my teammate for a quick discussion and asking for their feedback. I love how collaborative my workplace is, there’s no hierarchy when it comes to design ideation and everyone’s opinion is equally valued.

18.00 So that’s a day in my life working at Broadway Malyan! Earlier this year I celebrated my 4 year anniversary working here. I am really grateful for being in such a nurturing environment, given many opportunities to dream and making masterplans that are more sustainable, less harmful to the environment, while at the same time promoting active communities to become a reality.

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