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Patio Suite Hotel

Located adjacent to the beach on the outskirts of Albufeira, the design of the hotel draws its inspiration from the local environment, rich with lush green pine trees.

Broadway Malyan was appointed to deliver the full-scale renovation of the ground floor, including a new lobby area, a new lounge space, a new restaurant and bar plus an entire spa, indoor pool, gym and an arcade centre.

The ground floor was designed in a way so all areas are interconnected, without any physical boundaries thus creating a single space and fostering the possibility for multiple user experiences. New and wider openings on the outer walls create a continuous visual connection with the outdoor gardens and terraces.

Decoration is marked by contemporary feature elements, natural materials such as oak wood, neutral color palette and fabrics, highlighted by details and fabrics in green tones. Rich planting throughout the entire space further complements the natural look whilst also enhancing the health and wellness of guests.

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