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Public Realm & Landscape
Creating memorable spaces with a strong identity
Broadway Malyan’s Landscape Architecture capabilities cross all aspects of the urban and rural environment. We take a pro-active approach towards design, guiding and influencing the decision making process to create the very best in landscape and urban design.

Underpinning our thinking is a comprehensive approach to landscape design and a deep philosophy dedicated to the creation of better urban spaces.

We create places that are designed around people, always with a consideration to provide more space and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists – a move away from a bias towards vehicle focused design that simply does not meet the complex needs of a modern city.

We talk to locals, always looking to tap into the genius loci of a place and to understand its unique attributes. We find the design process works best when we engage locally and have an ongoing dialogue with residents and stakeholders. This process plays a critical role in project support and ownership, ultimately instilling local pride in a city.

Although we apply complex thinking, we aim to deliver simple solutions. Simple solutions deliver clarity, visual consistency and a memorable end product– a key component in achieving a strong sense of place.

Public Realm & Landscape Projects

Snow Hill

Birmingham, UK

CIBIS Placemaking

Jakarta, Indonesia

Chelsea Creek

London, UK

Health City Novena


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