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Sports, Leisure and Culture
Adding excitement and prestige to public icons
Creating great leisure and sports destinations is about far more than buildings. As symbols of national or civic pride, as places where people come together and as places whose success is based on intangibles like ‘atmosphere’, intelligent design and an in-depth understanding are vital.

A positive visitor experience is central to designing a successful cultural, sporting and leisure destinations.  We work closely with our clients to understand the experience they wish to create as well as their strategic and design aspirations.  Our collaborative creative process, enables us to design beautiful buildings that inspire a strong sense of place and encourage people to visit.

Civic and cultural buildings can influence society’s appreciation of history, science and the arts, so we aim to design inspiring, iconic buildings that will make a positive contribution.  We believe the most successful projects are those that express the institution’s vision and values whilst stimulating social and economic growth for their region.

When designing stadiums and arenas, our ambition is always to create the ultimate performance environment that provides spectators with an amazing view and a memorable experience.   It is also to understand how a venue will integrate into the existing urban landscape, transport networks and commercial space as well as incorporating catering, retail and other amenities within its own facility.

We are able to bring together inter-disciplinary teams for the most unique projects to design buildings that deliver on form, function and experience.

Concept sketches for Miami Cruise Terminal, for which Broadway Malyan is delivering masterplanning, landscaping and branding services to client Royal Caribbean.

Sports, Leisure and Culture Projects

Miami Cruise Terminal

Miami, USA

RIBA North

Liverpool, UK

Hazza bin Zayed Stadium

Al Ain, UAE

Barclaycard Arena

Birmingham, UK

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