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Cities and Communities
Creating future cities and communities
The ability to transform our environment and our need to sustain more people from young to old has never been greater. The predicted impact of urbanisation is vast; by 2050, global population growth will require building the equivalent of 250 Londons.

With this comes the challenge of ensuring that existing and future metropolitan areas fulfil their potential as generators of prosperity and platforms of sustainability. Simultaneously, the 20th Century work and lifestyle patterns that have been used as the blueprint for many urban environments no longer match our future needs, meaning that we must rethink and reshape our urban areas to perform better for a new set of expectations.

This requirement is nuanced to each urban area, but with the same aspiration: neighbourhoods and communities that are great places to live in, support healthy lifestyles and are aligned with their context. We combine innovation in urban analytics and creative design to reveal the hidden relationships and potential of an urban area from the tangible, such as its development value, to the intangible, such as a quality sense of place.

Our urbanism work looks to bring development and places to life, looking beyond the expected point of view, bearing creative added value and delivering compelling urban narratives backed by expert urban intelligence and insight.

Sketch showing proposed 48 acre Emprasa Smart City in Bangalore, India

Cities and Communities Projects

Luanda City

Luanda, Angola


Jakarta, Indonesia

Bandar Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

East Village

Calgary, Canada


Masterplanning Expertise

50 Shades of Greenbelt

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