UK public realm expert argues inclusivity a core concept / by Broadway Malyan

15.02.26 - UK public realm expert argues inclusivity a core concept.jpg

Yesterday UK Ministers set out a new construction industry action plan to make buildings, public spaces and streets more inclusive. The work aims to build on the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Park which set world class standards for inclusion by designing out barriers.

Ministers met with design and construction professionals to jointly commit to a range of activities, including the review of construction industry standards on vocational training and the development of training for use in continuing professional development.

The rolling programme will also champion inclusive design through leadership and by promoting wider industry awareness and support continual improvement across industry through collaboration on research and innovation.

Allan Cox, Director of Landscape Architecture at architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan, said:

“With an ageing population industry must take up the challenge of accessibility and work ever harder to achieve a truly inclusive society, whether in the context of an urban environment or the countryside.

“Inclusion is usually discussed in the context of the needs of new residents and communities; however we believe the debate should go beyond the practicalities of mobility and safe access.

“Inclusive design should be a core concept – and especially in the public realm, where we should aspire to create spaces that encourage social interaction, community spirit and well being – and truly embrace diversity and difference.”

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