Broadway Malyan commissioned to create new heart for Southport / by Broadway Malyan

Broadway Malyan has created new blueprint for the centre of Southport aimed at “stitching back together” the heart of North-west seaside town.

The proposals, which would see a significant reduction in traffic and a renewed focus on pedestrians along one of Southport’s most historic streets, are part of a wider Southport Development Strategy recently presented to Sefton Council’s cabinet.

The Broadway Malyan scheme to revitalise Lord Street – the road said to have inspired Paris’s Champs Elysees – will focus on traffic calming as an important first step in reclaiming the street according to Broadway Malyan director Danny Crump, who is leading the design project.

He said: “A crucial element of our proposals to restore the vitality to this fantastic street is to address the imbalance between cars and people so reducing the impact of traffic in this key town centre space is a vital part of the scheme.

“This project is about making Lord Street the natural heart of Southport and giving it a real focus. We want to retain the historic avenue aesthetic and make Lord Street the boulevard it once was when it inspired the Parisians all those years ago.”

The concept scheme, which has been funded by a grant from the Government’s Coastal Revival Fund, would also see the introduction of a major new flexible events space, a redeveloped outdoor market area, play facilities for families and extensive hard and soft landscape proposals.

“The principle behind this project is physical regeneration enabling economic regeneration,” said Danny. “Southport has to compete with Liverpool and Manchester on its doorstep as well as an ageing population so it is important that takes steps now to improve its viability and reverse decline.

“This scheme will help create a much more contemporary and dynamic heart of the town, complementing its unique collection of Grade II listed architecture and reinstating the some of the street’s majesty that has been lost over the years.

“The regeneration of Lord Street is about refocusing it on the people alongside providing a range of uses that will attract people there. We are considering the space as a destination as well as a key circulation component, stitching back together Southport’s other attractions such as the Promenade and King’s Garden’s which are all vital assets providing a long term sustainable future for Southport.”