Retail expertise showcased at key conference in India / by Broadway Malyan


Broadway Malyan has presented at a leading retail conference in Mumbai with a special ‘masterclass’ on the changing face of retail.

Group Chairman Stuart Rough gave a talk at the India Retail Forum (IRF) 2017, associated with MAPIC, the world’s biggest retail conference, which was followed by an interactive session and a panel discussion.

Aimed at groups of approximately 40 delegates, the ‘masterclass’ sessions covered a diverse range of topics in more detail than the main conference sessions, offering people the chance to interact with experts in a workshop style environment.

Stuart led one of these sessions with Ernesto Zabarte from the practice’s Singapore studio and Neha Momoya and Ritesh Bafna, both from the Mumbai studio, focusing on retail refurbishment and repositioning.

He said: “A successful repositioning can significantly improve the performance of your retail centre across all key metrics including customer spend, footfall and dwell time.

“Repositioning can involve looking at anything from the brand and tenant mix, through to large scale extensions and refurbishments, to smaller, focused improvements in targeted areas.

“In the session we focused on the latest trends in retail and how these are impacting on mall designs. This ranged from an increasing diversification of offer in F&B as well as changes caused by technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and robotics how retailers are offering more personalisation driven by big data.”


Stuart also participated in a panel discussion focused on the future of retail environments and whether a move towards retail-led resorts would deliver the experiences that customers are increasingly demanding and desiring.

“Resort style designs bring a much larger focus on leisure and activity within the retail mix. We are seeing larger shopping centre owners and developers looking at adding things like museums, theme parks, aquariums and sport and leisure facilities to schemes to create further interest and secure people’s attention and spending for much longer”, he added.

“These become 24/7 destinations in their own right and seek to offer something for everyone.”