Planning expert says new legislation will give pro-growth bark its bite / by rachel

The UK government has today launched the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which provides new planning guidelines for England that will ‘help build the homes the next generation needs’, boost jobs and protect the countryside. Roger Tustain, Director at global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan, says: “A year ago, Greg Clark MP asked local councils to support economic growth and recovery by putting proactive development plans in place to positively support sustainable development coming forward.

“Sadly, local council response was extremely disappointing and the development industry has continued to be frustrated by local council delays, inactivity and unwillingness to accept the need for growth.

“However, the NPPF will now give the Government’s pro-growth ‘bark’ the bite it needs to get house building going again and local councils can no longer hide behind the excuse of uncertainty.

“It is critical that we start building the new homes, businesses and facilities that our communities so desperately need and the NPPF successfully addresses the need to deliver sustainable development through pursuing our economic, social and environmental priorities in a positive, proactive and integrated way.

“It is also encouraging that Government has not been swayed by the misguided environmental and historic protection rhetoric reported during last year’s consultation.

“The NPPF’s ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ correctly asserts that local plans should be prepared on the basis that objectively-assessed development needs should be met in full unless the impacts of doing so outweigh the benefits.”

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