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Creating inspiring and dynamic learning spaces
There is not a “one-size fits all” design solution for future learning environments. Every client has varying requirements and aspirations and it is our role as designers to provide creative, effective and value-focused solutions that provide a platform for personal achievement.

The success of any educational building is ultimately measured by the way it enhances the learning practices and potential of those who use it. We design inspirational spaces which empower learners, educators and researchers to achieve their individual and collective goals. Schools, colleges and universities must be designed to cater for these needs both today and in the future. As such, flexibility is a consistent objective to ensure that spaces remain relevant in what is a dynamic and fast moving sector.

We believe that there are three core ideas influencing the design of the schools, colleges and universities:

  • Active learning: spaces which allow various approaches to teaching and learning and facilitate easy movement between different types of settings.
  • Social learning: spaces focused on collaborative working, catering for a range of group sizes in inspirational places.
  • Personalised learning: human scale places that help students to feel connected to their peers and teachers, and yet promote individuality.

Our Education Experts

Harry Hoodless

Director - Broadway Malyan Ltd

Ben Somner

Director - Broadway Malyan (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Nick Davies

Director - Broadway Malyan Ltd
Abu Dhabi

Mark Evans

Associate Director

Education Projects

Coventry University, Alison Gingell Building

Coventry, UK

Nexus International School


ADEC Schools Programme

Various, UAE

Chengdu Westminster

Chengdu, China


教育领域专长 Education

Education Expertise

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