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Unika Semarang
Semarang, Indonesia

Concept design for two new university buildings, the Innovative Programme Centre (IPC) and Teaching Hospital, both part of Soegijapranata Catholic University’s (known as Unika Semarang) new BSB City masterplan in Semarang.

The IPC includes innovative food technology labs, the University’s international programmes, and various shared lecture and meeting spaces. This includes a canteen, exhibition centre and group working rooms. A restaurant, operated by the food technology department, is also onsite, with students able to benefit from an immersive learning experience.

The Teaching Hospital incorporates the Faculty of Medicine, a new faculty for the University, and includes teaching space, exhibition space, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy suites, healing gardens and an Emergency Room with ambulance drop-off area.

New connected campus at Unika Semarang by Broadway Malyan

A modern and simple façade has been designed, primarily responding to the tropical climate, but also considering and referencing local culture and architectural styles. It was essential for the façade to provide lots of shading, with the fins angled so that they block the hot east and west sun, but allow north-south daylight.

Gardens and courtyards provide additional cooling by allowing air to circulate and also create social spaces for relaxation and collaboration outside of lessons. There are also large double height breaks in the façade filled with greenery, to allow cross ventilation of the blocks and courtyards. These double height ‘garden lounges’ and expansive rooftop gardens at multiple levels, provide amenity space and complement the surrounding lush environment.

These gardens will also be used for teaching. ‘Learning gardens’ will include edible produce for testing in the food technology labs. A number of ‘healing gardens’ will provide respite space and medicinal plants and herbs will be grown.

The façade also takes the Angklung as a source of inspiration. The Indonesian percussion instrument is made from a number of bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. This influenced the pattern and texture of the façade.

The interiors will provide a mix of exposed concrete and wooden panelling and detailing, with plantings throughout. This will create a link between the inside and outside, through a minimal design that uses nature for colour and decoration.

The inclusion of double height lounge spaces and other flexible environments are intended to foster an open, collaborative spirit amongst students, with learning taking place beyond the classroom.

“Our vision for Unika Semarang was a connected campus that integrates with the existing urban spaces and places user needs at its heart.”
Monique Suksmaningsih, Director of Masterplanning, Broadway Malyan

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