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Gatton Manor
Surrey, UK

State-of-the-art medi-spa offering exceptional guest experience

The concept design proposes the transformation of the Gatton Manor hotel into a state-of-the-art health and wellness retreat aimed at improving physical, mental and spiritual health through customised result-oriented programmes. Set against the stunning Surrey countryside, the medi-spa has been designed to follow a modern holistic wellness approach focusing on prevention versus cure with buildings designed to bring people closer to nature.

The new development would see the original farmhouse, which has been substantially altered and extended, replaced by the main medi-spa building while there would also be the development of a new sports pavilion to support a much improved golf course and a staff quarters.

The design concept uses carefully selected materials and repeating architectural elements to create a very strong linear design that contrasts well with the undulating land form, resulting in the main building appearing to touch the ground lightly. The support buildings of the sports pavilion and the staff accommodation complement the landscape using the same palette of materials inspired by the site's clay soil and the nearby woodlands but with different architectural approaches.

The façade is designed to relate to the ancient woodland setting and features copper cladding and fins that are reminiscent of the tree trunks and branches. The upper levels, which contain the guest suites, are grounded by a heavier brick base of the clinical and fitness wing.

As part of the proposals, the land separating medi-spa from the golf course would be remodelled, using excavated ground, so that only the upper floors of the development were visible from the approach drive and to better define the public rights of way which cross the site.

A model of the Gatton Manor wellness retreat in Surrey, England, designed by architect Broadway Malyan

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