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Taguig, Philippines

Azure is a residential development in the city of Taguig, the Philippines, comprising 9 bio-climatic building blocks framing an urban beach oasis. Curved balconies and a continuous curved frame that defines the buildings’ form, give them a unique character reminiscent of art deco and the expressionist buildings of Erich Mendelsohn. A clubhouse using the same architectural language complements the buildings and landscape, defining a sense of identity within the 6-acre site.

Integrated sky-gardens form a key feature in the residential buildings. These serve as breathing spaces and provide important social amenities that step up through the height of the building and terminate in a roof garden that helps reduce the heat island effect and is a source of rainwater collection.

The central space includes a beach and several swimming pools. Further amenities include formal and fragrant gardens, a recreational leisure hub and a multi-sports court.

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