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ACS Cobham Student Accommodation
Cobham, UK

New boarding house providing contemporary facilities

Broadway Malyan was appointed to design a new boarding house for ACS Schools on their Cobham Campus. The new building accommodates 113 students in en-suite rooms arranged in two symmetrical wings for boys and girls along with 14 studio rooms for supervisors and a two bedroomed flat for house parents.

There are numerous light-filled common rooms with cooking facilities where students can relax and socialise in a relaxing environment which is connected to the surrounding landscape.

The new building – situated within green belt land – is sympathetic to the surrounding woodland. Building levels take advantage of a steep fall in topography from east to west towards the woodland, reducing the overall height of the building.

Slender columns, reminiscent of the trunks of the silver birch trees in the adjoining woodland, support the upper floors. As many of the rooms as possible have window seats that provide views across the woodland.

Concept sketch of new student accommodation building and public realm for ACS Schools, Cobham campus.

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