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New eco-resort proposals shared at key conference in Indonesia
23rd June 2017

Broadway Malyan and PwC have presented their vision for a new tourist destination in East Asia to over 300 delegates at an investment conference.

Monique Suksmaningsih, director of masterplanning for Broadway Malyan, described plans for Manado, a city in the north of Indonesia, at the Manado International Conference on Tourism Investment, an event hosted by the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

Broadway Malyan and PwC worked on the concept masterplan and roadmap for infrastructure development together to ensure that a detailed, joined up strategy was created.

The proposals centre on the creation of an eco-friendly holiday destination that protects and enhances the existing natural environment. Development will be focused on seven key zones; a gateway area with aero park; integrated resort with MICE opportunities; eco-tourism site with diving; waterfront promenade; cruise and ferry terminal; beach area with family resorts; and hillside holiday residences.

Commenting on the proposals, Monique said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to transform Manado and create a new tourism destination in East Asia, bringing investment to the area and changing the economic outlook.

“Our masterplan focuses on two aspects; a number of development zones which highlight potential sites to develop, and the need to revitalise the existing Manado waterfront area.

“It is underpinned by a strategic approach to development, environmental and social sustainability as we believe these aspects will be essential to the future success of Manado tourism plan."

To facilitate the proposals a significant amount of investment will be required in infrastructure, including expansion of the airport, highway upgrades, and power and water distribution. In addition to this, new affordable housing, schools, healthcare and community facilities will be required.

Julian Smith, PwC Indonesia Infrastructure Investment advisor, said: “The most important thing is that any investment in the area needs to be sustainable and consider the needs of the community fully.

“The roadmap prepared by PwC complements the work by Broadway Malyan and explains how the masterplan can be delivered. It stresses the need for government to implement a new management strategy and investment plan to protect the fragile ecosystem of the marine park, as well as the types of investment required by the public and private sector in essential infrastructure such as solid waste treatment and waste water treatment, as these will underpin any future success in the city.”

Manado is the capital city of the North Sulawesi province and within three to five hours of a number of key cities in China, as well as countries including Singapore, Philippines and Japan. It is hoped that with the right public and private investment it can become a successful, all-year-round holiday destination by 2025.

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