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Ground broken at innovative international school in Singapore
2nd June 2017

A ground breaking ceremony was held to celebrate the start onsite of the S$232m Nexus International School (Singapore).

Completing in 2020, the new school is located in Aljunied, central Singapore. Designed by Broadway Malyan, the concept is for a “vertical campus” that will see the Primary School organised on the lower floors and the Secondary School on the higher floors.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, BK Gan, president of Taylor’s Schools, said: “At Nexus we believe in evidence based pedagogy which centres learning around the student. Our experienced staff personalise and tailor their lessons to each individual to ensure their particular learning levels are met. Teaching in this collaborative and interactive way requires a unique space that reflects this.”

“The new campus design will be unique in terms of its response to environmental context and we believe it exemplifies our forward thinking approach to education space, while also embracing the needs of the local community.”
Harry Hoodless, Regional Board Member, Broadway Malyan

The school will cater for 2,000 students aged between 3 and 18. The challenge is to ensure that teachers and learners can interact effectively; through the creation of communal facilities in the middle floors offers a social space to meet and mix. Shared social spaces include a double-storey library, language areas, sports halls, café and play-deck. All areas are flexible workspaces that can be tailored to learning environments.

Nexus aims to create interactive and versatile learning spaces that can easily be adapted to the lesson at hand. It is designed around flexible classrooms that are left partially open; bespoke furniture with acoustic panelling can be moved to create spaces of the size required at the time, for different teaching scenarios. This innovative, simple solution means that learning hubs and classrooms can be easily adapted to future trends, for example changing student numbers or alterations to the curriculum.

As an Apple Distinguished School, digital technology will be integral to the delivery of the curriculum, including the use of mobile smart projectors and interactive touch screens.

Cross section visualisation of main campus building at Nexus International School in Singapore, showing sports hall, auditorium and flexible learning spaces.

“At Nexus we pride ourselves in creating innovative learning environments with the latest technology, and we have created state-of-the-art Innovation Hub that will house a space dedicated to the development of new creative and innovative ideas,” added BK Gan.

Facilities at the campus will include a 50m pool, a full size astro-turf sports field, recording studios, library, auditorium, sports halls, fitness gym as well as a raft of flexible learning spaces. Sports and drama facilities will be available to the community to use on weekends and after school hours.

Kelvin Wong, Assistant Managing Director at the Singapore Economic Development Board, said: “Foreign System Schools like Nexus play an important role in strengthening Singapore’s position as an attractive global city and home for businesses. By carefully integrating community interaction into its campus design, Nexus will be a valuable addition to the neighbourhood. We believe that Nexus, its students, teachers and staff, will play active roles and over time, become integral members of the local community and Singapore.”

Broadway Malyan director Harry Hoodless, who has been involved in developing international schools across Asia, said the facility will set new benchmarks for sustainability and innovation.

He explained: “Singapore already boasts a reputation for educational excellence and Nexus’s vision is to create a campus that will be Singapore’s flagship learning environment for the next generation and help secure its position as the region’s leader for innovation and technology.

"The new campus design will be unique in terms of its response to environmental context and we believe it exemplifies our forward thinking approach to education space, while also embracing the needs of the local community.”

Nexus is a member of Taylor’s Education Group, which operates universities, colleges and schools across Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. The new international school will be the flagship school for the Nexus brand, building on Taylor’s successful growth of the school’s cohort and ideology.

Visualisation of exterior building façade to Nexus International School campus, the flagship school for the Nexus brand in Singapore.