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Broadway Malyan secures first major masterplan in Australia
8th June 2018

Springfield City Group, the drivers behind Australia’s biggest master-planned community has appointed Broadway Malyan to design a 52-hectare “health city” as part of Greater Springfield, located near Brisbane.

The practice is working on concepts for the integrated healthcare development in Springfield, which will be delivered between now and 2030.

The masterplan comprises medical office buildings, and facilities dedicated to aged care, hospitality and wellness, education, research and business, start-ups and incubators. Residential space is incorporated throughout the development as well as complementary retail and leisure.

The site is already home to the highly acclaimed Mater Hospital, which will be expanded, and the Aveo retirement community, which will ultimately comprise nearly 2,500 seniors living apartments. A recently completed hotel, specialty medical suites and other existing health and wellness accommodation will also be fully integrated with the plans.

The concept is underpinned by four pillars; connectivity, with easy access to healthy options for movement; using smart technology to help people monitor, improve and make decisions about their health; weaving nature throughout a sustainable community; and incorporating complementary land uses and encouraging collaboration between public and private sector to drive economic prosperity.

“The mix of uses we have suggested within the masterplan will see the creation of a proper community that functions beyond the working day. Our approach promotes ease of movement, with a car-lite campus designed to create an open, walkable development, to subtly reinforce a health conscious environment.”
Ed Baker, board director at Broadway Malyan

Ed Baker, director at Broadway Malyan, said: “We have used the concept of healthy living as our guiding design principle, focusing on a development that will support and encourage the wellbeing of the people who will live, work and visit Health City.

“Because it is part of a long term vision, we have designed it with flexibility in mind to help with the phasing and any future expansion as technologies and community needs change.”

One of the key features of the project is to develop a “Living Lab” within a showcase building in the early phases. This will anchor the Ideas District and act as a testbed for new technology related to smart living and healthcare.

Springfield City Group Chairman Maha Sinnathamby said a city must be judged on the health and happiness of its community and the positive impact on its region. “We want Springfield Central Health City to be the leading health masterplan in Australia if not the the world. It will be a complete health city, mixing medical and biosciences, with the latest in sport and leisure technologies.

“We believe that this is a once in a generation opportunity to improve the health of the region and provide an attractive place to live that showcases the best in health, technology and innovation. Our ambition is to create a Smart City in the broadest sense that sets new standards for digital healthcare at the individual level not just the wider site.”

Mr Sinnathamby added that it is important that all of the separate elements of the plan are fully integrated so that the different functions benefit from their close proximity together.

“To deliver the future models of healthcare that we aspire to, we have placed significant importance on connectivity and a masterplan that will encourage collaboration at all levels, from the medical staff, researchers and students, through to entrepreneurs, tourists and residents of all ages.”

It is Broadway Malyan’s first appointment in Australia, following ten years working in the Asia Pacific region. It was secured through an international competition and the practice worked with a local partner, Conrad Gargett, as part of the process.

Ed added: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to expand our offer in the region, working in another new territory. We have been steadily building our profile and winning projects in new countries over the last few years and it is testament to our expertise and ability, built on a growing portfolio of international masterplans and shared best practice.”

Investors are still being sought for the project, with PWC planning a roadshow of the region in the coming months.