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Broadway Malyan design flagship Lisbon salon
6th February 2020

Broadway Malyan has designed a delivered a new flagship salon and spa for one of Portugal’s best known beauty and lifestyle brands.

The practice, which has had a studio in the Portuguese capital for more than two decades, was commissioned to design the interior for the new Lúcia Piloto operation along the famous Avenida Liberdade.

Broadway Malyan director Margarida Caldeira said: “We were delighted to work with Lucia Piloto in creating this beautiful space where elegance and functionality meet to perfectly reflect the ethos of this iconic brand.

“At the heart of our approach was creating somewhere that reinforced the emotional connection with their customers with an ambiance that was reassuringly sophisticated while providing that all important sense of calm and well-being.”

Unlike the predominantly black and white interiors of its sister salons, highly finished light grey concrete floors and walls create an atmosphere of calm and serenity at Lúcia Piloto Avenida.

The double height ground floor provides a suitable sense of grandeur while the space is enhanced with the innovative use of mirrors throughout the salon including a mirrored wall that helps divide the space between the main salon and the treatment area.

An open ceiling with exposed black air conditioning contrasts with the smooth grey finishes below while a beautiful Tom Dixon lighting arrangement hangs from the ceiling with matching black armchairs adorning the waiting area and multi-media walls reinforce the salon’s contemporary feel.

A focus on biophilia further enhances the feeling of wellbeing with a green living wall at the back of the treatment area boasting white and purple flowers, adding subtle splashes of colour within the sophisticated grey and black interior.

An antique gold screen in front of the reception area contrasts the statement Tom Dixon furniture and creates a strong visual counterpoint to the rest of the salon while a newly located staircase in front of the reception leads down to the spa area, providing a clear sense of arrival for all customers.