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Urban Spaces
Creating unique urban spaces designed around people
Urban parks and public open spaces have traditionally been part of our culture and heritage. The provision of high quality public realm is the first step towards creating neighbourhoods and communities that are great places to live in, and allow for quality, successful and healthy lifestyles.

In a rapidly urbanising world, landscape and public realm design have a great potential to positively shape the future of cities. Public spaces play a key role in defining the character of a city, helping people feel connected to the place and community and boosting social capital by bringing together diverse groups and enhancing local economic development.

We recognise the need of adopting a comprehensive approach to urban development to create the best cities possible. Combining an in-depth understanding of placemaking with a wide cross-section of skills and sector expertise, we are driven by a deep philosophy which places people at its core.

Streets represent 80% of public space in our cities. Recognising the need to move away from a vehicle focused design, the challenge ahead is shifting from utilitarian corridors to ‘healthy’ streets, creating spaces that respond to the demands of a modern city whilst remaining highly liveable and quality focused.

Urban Spaces Projects

CIBIS Placemaking

Jakarta, Indonesia

Snow Hill

Birmingham, UK

Tanjung Aru Eco Development

Sabah, Malaysia

Chelsea Creek

London, UK

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