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Flexible healthcare solutions focused on the patient experience
We work at the leading edge of healthcare design. Our global perspective, knowledge and understanding of local contexts ensure we offer informed solutions, added value to our clients and deliver caring environments for patients.

With ever-increasing consumer expectations, improvements in forms of treatment and biomedical technologies, the discovery of new medicines, and changes in the ways in which nursing, surgical procedures and therapy are implemented, the healthcare sector is perennially redefining its service capability.

Broadway Malyan specialises in the planning and architectural design of healthcare facilities. While well designed buildings cannot alone address every issue surrounding healthcare today, evidence based research has proven that the quality of the environment does make a significant contribution to improving patient satisfaction, and raising staff morale. Our core philosophy therefore is more to do with the creation of therapeutic settings that promote a feeling of well-being, rather than the management of ill-health.

We strive to provide buildings which are in harmony with their surroundings and which humanise the entire healthcare experience, integrating texture, colour, lighting, artworks and landscape in a sensitive and effective manner.

Sketch of Health City Novena in Singapore

Healthcare Projects

Health City Novena


National Heart Centre


Centuria Medical Building

Makati City, Philippines

Coventry University, Alison Gingell Building

Coventry, UK

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With studios around the world and a broad range of expertise across multiple sectors, we are well placed to help our clients to bring their visions to life. Click below for more information and contact details for our studios in the Americas, APAC, EMEA and the UK.

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