Victoria House, Milton Keynes

Victoria House is a major new office development in the rapidly expanding new town of Milton Keynes. The development represents one of the largest commercial investments in the area for several years.

Milton Keynes is famous for its wide boulevards and modernist architecture, and the design reflects this heritage. A regular and simple gridded façade of pre-cast concrete and white brick reflects the early aspirations of the town.

The deep, angled window reveals give the building a crisp, modern feel while also serving to shade the floor plates and minimise internal heat gains. This is just one aspect of an environmental strategy that aims to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating.

A covered colonnade along the front of the building faces Avebury Boulevard while new pedestrian routes lead to Grafton Park, behind. A roof-top terrace completes the building offering stunning views over the town and beyond.


Client: Frontier Estates
Location: Milton Keynes
Size: 3,500m² 
Skills: Architecture
Status: Ongoing

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