‘Retail Insights’ session shares future trends in India / by Broadway Malyan

Broadway Malyan has led a series of seminars on the latest trends in India’s retail sector.

Aimed at developers, investors and occupiers, the events provided a targeted learning and networking opportunity for delegates.

Hosted in New Delhi and Mumbai, the sessions comprised presentations from a number of Broadway Malyan’s leading designers including global retail sector lead Jeremy Salmon, Mumbai studio lead Ankit Kamboj; and Karishma Dorai, one of the practice’s experts in identity, branding and wayfinding.

Jeremy said: “Retail is evolving faster than ever and it is fundamental that we continually reconsider current trends, as well as next gen innovations and new approaches gained from the increasingly collaborative exercise of creating successful retail experiences that improve customer engagement.

 “The information era has created an exciting time for the sector, with more focus on making better places that truly engage with customers and provide them with different experiences and interactions to make their visits more than just shopping.

“This is relevant everywhere, whether emerging or emerged markets, and the pace at which the customer is evolving through communications and technology far out strips the ability of the economic infrastructure to keep pace so we are constantly developing new strategies.

“Our expertise in architecture and design can drive success but only when fully engaged with all the other component parts, activities and thinking that create fully activated placemaking.”

The talks covered a range of topics underpinned by three specific trends driving change in the sector: increasing urbanisation as people relocate into fast growing cities in India, the continued impact of globalisation on purchasing power and product availability, and increasing levels of connectivity.

Ankit Kamboj, added: “As an international practice we place high importance on sharing knowledge and ideas throughout the different regions to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

“Our clients and partners tell us that events like these provide useful context and ideas for their businesses, and I think it is well timed. Based on our current projects and the number of enquiries we are fielding, we believe that India is approaching another boom in the retail sector, both in repositioning and refurbishment work and new build.”

Broadway Malyan is working on a number of retail projects in India including schemes in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

The events were the first in a series of sector-led Insight sessions, which will be led by Ritesh Bafna, our BD and Finance Associate. He added: “These sessions will drive conversations and knowledge sharing like never before as we bring together the entire value chain both in new and familiar markets.”