Petronas Centro, Turin

The European R&D Headquarters for Petronas Lubricants is a new multi-purpose research and development facility, which will be home to several hundred scientists, researchers and product developers. The design takes its inspiration from the field patterns of its immediate setting and the dramatic Alpine backdrop.

A simple rectangular volume is bisected at an angle to create two connected buildings. The larger, lower one houses highly serviced engine test cells, engineering workshops and laboratories, while the second smaller building is elevated to accommodate three floors of facilities including conferencing, restaurant and office space. The fifth elevation (the roof) mirrors the surrounding field-patterns, while the saw-tooth roof profile of the laboratory building echoes the jagged silhouette of the Alpine peaks.

The restaurant acts as a focal point for the whole R&D community and is placed centrally at second floor offering westward views towards the Alps. The completed building will act as a global hub for research and includes international standard conference facilities and visitors access. The full masterplan allows for future expansion and takes account of new transport and access arrangements.


Client: Petronas
Location: Turin, Italy
Size: 15,000m² 
Skills: Architecture
Status: On-site

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