New Sadr City

Broadway Malyan delivered the concept master plan for a 17km² extension to Sadr City, Baghdad. Known as the ‘10×10’ project, because it will involve investing $10bn over 10 years, the development is central to the reconstruction of post-war Iraq. The masterplan will lead to the creation of a sustainable community that will provide a range of housing, community facilities and employment opportunities for over 500,000 inhabitants.

After an open competition Broadway Malyan were confirmed the preferred bidders in late 2009. Drawing on our extensive experience in the Middle East, and working closely with the client, the Mayoralty of Baghdad, our team developed a concept master plan, detailed sector master plans and guidelines that demonstrate an understanding of the cultural issues involved and offer a practical, deliverable and complete solution. The client has invited design-and-build tenders, and is currently assessing submissions, with Broadway Malyan looking to secure further appointments to support the realisation of the project.



Client: Mayoralty of Baghdad
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Size: 17km² 
Skills: Masterplanning, Urban Design

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