Convida Suape, Brazil

Broadway Malyan was appointed to prepare the master plan for a new ‘smart city’, providing a liveable and cosmopolitan environment for 100,000 people on a 470-hectare site near Recife, Brazil. Sustainability was at the heart of the scheme, which promotes a compact urban model for walkability and features green buildings. The natural landscape and river corridors are enhanced through a substantial and on-going habitat restoration programme.

The name Convida translates as ‘welcome invitation’ and the master plan provides a range of social and community facilities, natural spaces and civic amenities to improve the perception and offer of this inland suburb for both new and existing residents. Key features of the master plan include a university, city hospital, arena stadium, industrial and business park facilities, as well as 25,000 new homes. The scheme is to be built over 4 sequential phases of development over the next 15 years.


Client: Mouta Dubeux
Location: Dabo de Santo Agostinho, Brazil
Size: 470 hectares 
Skills: Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Status: Ongoing

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