Nanjing New Town

Nanjing South New Town is a major strategic project in eastern China, with a new high-speed train station acting as the catalyst for economic growth and a city master plan. Broadway Malyan’s competition winning design builds on Nanjing’s reputation as one of the most liveable cities in China and creates a sustainable framework for future growth.

Based on smart planning and design principles, the masterplan sets the standard for sustainable development in China and will provide a home to over one million residents. Nanjing New Town centre will also become Nanjing Government’s new administrative centre.

Designed around a series of self-sustaining, mixed-use urban villages, the masterplan provides a high quality of life for residents, workers and visitors. These communities connect to the wider Nanjing Metro as well as the high-speed rail network. Transport links are complemented by a wide network of pedestrian and cycle routes. A central park, located on the site of the old airport runway, forms the heart of the scheme. The park has been designed as an active ‘green lung’, bringing together the surrounding communities.


Client: Confidential
Location: Nanjing, China
Size: 5,000,000m²
Skills: Masterplanning
Status: Completed

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