Miami Cruise Terminal, USA

The Miami Cruise Terminal will create a new icon on the waterfront, serving the world’s largest cruise ships. 

It has been nicknamed the ‘Crown of Miami’ because of its shape, which also communicates the ‘M’ of Miami from the eastern or western approaches, and a sense of waves rising or ships passing from a side-on view.

Formed of two linked buildings, the waterfront terminal on the north and the car parking and arrivals area on the south, the solid faces of the building are triangulated to provide a more unique profile which reflects its waterfront surroundings.

The external façade is a mixture of steel, aluminium and glazing and will be built using a simple prefabricated frame, prefabricated flooring panels, and a repetitive system, so that the core of the building can be constructed quickly and efficiently.

While the building’s profile has been designed to provide a dynamic addition to the port, the choice of materials and the interior design focuses on making the most of the arrivals experience. A triple height space provides an open, airy feel as well as exceptional views of the docked ships when passengers arrive and travel throughout the terminal.  

A number of sustainability focused enhancements will reduce its environmental impact including rainwater collection and recycling so that it can be used for cooling, toilet flushing and irrigation. The main glazing wall faces north to maximise views and energy efficiency.


Client: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Location: Miami, USA
Size: Approx. 20,200m² 
Skills: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interiors, Branding
Status: Ongoing

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