Lefo Mall, Suzhou

The Lefo Mall is a 65,000m2 retail centre featuring organic, naturally lit circulation spaces. Aimed at the young, design-conscious customer, the scheme sets a benchmark for commercial development in the area. The brief called for the creation of a contemporary and memorable retail experience, rooted in its environment and reflecting the region’s history.

Suzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage city and one of China’s top tourist destinations, is famous for its beautiful lakes, canals and gardens. Drawing inspiration from these features, the Lefo Mall has a series of organic voids penetrating the building. These spectacular spaces are spanned by circulation ‘bridges’, while sunken ‘pools’ feature on the floor-scape, creating seating areas. Bespoke furniture, inspired by the boat-types found in the area, has been created using local materials.

The landscape design reinforces the concept, using the existing canal edge, new water features, land bridges, bench seating and planting strategies to reflect the characteristics of Suzhou’s natural beauty. 


Client: Zhongrun Real Estate
Location: Suzhou, China
Size: 65,000m²
Skills: Interior Design Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Branding
Status: Completed

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