HSBC Head Office, Dubai

Located in downtown Dubai, HSBC Dubai is Broadway Malyan’s second major project with the bank having previously designed the interiors of their Singapore headquarters. The 20-storey tower will become the new international head office for HSBC as well as being part of a property consolidation programme by the firm in Dubai. It will see HSBC reduce its portfolio from four to two buildings, while expanding its overall floor space from 33,000 sqm to 37,000 sqm.

As a financial institution it was important that the design had a rigour and honesty. The glass facades represent a visual openness and transparency while the expressed structure anchors the building to the ground and emphasises the sense of stability. A vertical fritting pattern on the exterior glazing represents communication lines extending out from a central core embodying the global nature of modern banking.


Client: HSBC
Location: Abu Dhabi
Skills: Architecture, Interior Design
Status: Ongoing

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