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Everton Park Destination Hub, Liverpool, UK

Everton Park Destination Hub, Liverpool, UK

Stuart Rough Chairman

Stuart Rough

Welcome to the third edition of Broadway Malyan’s Dispatches

Welcome from Chairman Stuart Rough

Welcome to the third edition of Dispatches, the quarterly e-zine of global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan, designed to provide our clients and contacts with regular practice and project news.

Many thanks to those of you who commented on the ‘Caffeine Report’ research in the last edition of Dispatches, which looked at what kept our China-based retail developer clients awake at night. We hope that those of you who requested and received the full report found it an interesting read.

In this edition of Dispatches the Caffeine Report remains focused on the retail sector, but this time it investigates the Spanish market place. We are grateful to clients and contacts who participated in the report, with a charitable donation made for each contribution.

This edition also features the regular Global Update, which reports on a prestigious award short-listing for our practice, our creation of a new UK planning consultancy in the UK and news on the first major project win for our recently-expanded team in Poland. Also, an Expert View is provided by Director Peter Crossley, who explores The Tower in London, and we conclude with our Major Project News reports including the Everton Park Destination Hub competition win (pictured above).

Dispatches is intended to be more than just about one-way communication and it is establishing itself as a good platform for conversing and engaging with you, such as through the Caffeine Report research and associated sharing of insights and opinions.

So do get in touch with us and be part of the dialogue by emailing us and following @broadwaymalyan on Twitter.

Your engagement with our research and feedback on our opinions will continue to inform our decision-making, enhance our dialogue and strengthen our relationship.

Ultimately, it will enable us to improve the quality, range and reach of our services in response to your needs, develop our practice to be the best architectural, urbanism and design partner for your business.

Stuart Rough



Barons Quay, Northwich, UK

Gary Whittle Managing Director

Gary Whittle
Managing Director

Practice shortlisted in AJ100 awards, creates Nexus Planning in the UK and expands in Poland

Global Update from Managing Director Gary Whittle

Our practice celebrated its 55th birthday in April, having originally been established as a small architecture practice based in Weybridge, UK, in 1958. The practice grew throughout the 1960s and 1970s but it was in the 1980s that it began to rapidly expand, with new offices in the UK and then its first international bases opening in Lisbon (Portugal) and Madrid (Spain) in 1996 and 2000 respectively.

Today, our practice boasts a network of studios across world centres and our global reach has recently been recognised by our short-listing in the ‘International Practice of the Year’ category at the annual AJ100 awards, staged by leading UK peer and RIBA-affiliated media title The Architects’ Journal.

At the start of June we created a new, independent UK town planning, regeneration and development consultancy named Nexus Planning. The company’s name ‘Nexus’, which means a ‘connected series or group’, reflects the role of planners in supporting development in today’s complex planning and political environment.

Nexus Planning is founded on the principles of professional and creative excellence, client focus and integrated team delivery. This is reflected in the company’s planned commercial and operational philosophy which will see it providing consultancy advice and delivering strategies for clients through an innovative, transparent and integrated approach.

Roger Tustain Managing Director of Nexus Planning

Roger Tustain
Managing Director of
Nexus Planning

Current Broadway Malyan Director and Head of Planning Roger Tustain will be Managing Director of the new business and lead a team of 20 professional planners and regeneration experts based in central London, Manchester and Weybridge, UK.

The team’s members boast diverse and rounded skills, expertise and experience across the town planning, regeneration and development sectors. Their recent achievements and successes have supported the Government’s latest planning initiatives, such as major free-standing settlements, cutting-edge neighbourhood planning projects and major town centre and area-wide regeneration schemes.

The move is part of the team’s commitment to further enhance its services to clients, which include leading corporate and commercial businesses, land and property developers, public authorities, landowners and national and local house-builders, as well as private individuals.

Nexus Planning will operate independently from parent company Broadway Malyan but both will work together in partnership with clients to support development in the context of the urbanism and ‘place making’ agenda.

Independence will enable a focus on developing a broader and deeper service offering across a wider range of sectors, while continuing to work alongside Broadway Malyan in the context of the Government’s housing growth agenda and town centre regeneration initiatives which require high levels of design expertise.

Examples of the team’s recent work include a project to secure a major residential allocation on behalf of a developer, as part of the Thame neighbourhood plan in Oxfordshire and which was approved by 76% of the local community in May following a public referendum.

It attained a major strategic allocation for 3,500 dwellings as part of the emerging mid-Sussex Local Plan, involving a comprehensive consultation exercise with local stakeholders that will continue throughout the planning application and beyond. The team also secured planning permission for a £80 million mixed use town centre regeneration scheme in Northwich, including a cinema, major food store and other uses, on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Gwiazda Morza Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Gwiazda Morza Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

The last quarter has also seen our recently-bolstered team in Poland secure its first major project win. Following main board Director David Anderson joining our local team and the practice investing in a new, larger central-Warsaw studio, the team has won the architectural and interior concept design brief for the high-profile Gwiazda Morza Hotel at Władysławowo, a seaside resort on the Baltic Sea coast north of Tri City, Poland.

The practice’s client is Gwiazda Morza sp. z o.o. S.K.A., a developer of mixed-use holiday apartments and destination hotel projects and the project win results from the practice’s new strategy, aimed at growing our team in Poland and widening our project portfolio across sectors, on the back of our strong reputation in the retail sector.

We are now targeting our highly-competitive, multi-sector and country-wide design services to local developer, contractor, local authority and operator clients, as well as drawing on the world-class expertise of our diverse team of global design experts, to ensure that we are the design partner of choice for international clients in Poland and wider region.

Please get in contact for more detail on Nexus Planning and our expanded Polish operations and how our teams can support your projects.

Gary Whittle



In the iconic view from Waterloo Bridge, The Tower One St George Wharf takes centre stage

In the iconic view from Waterloo Bridge, The Tower One St George Wharf takes centre stage

Peter Crossley Director

Peter Crossley

A force in the landscape of the city of London

Expert View from Director Peter Crossley

In 16th century Rome, Pope Sixtus V wished to make that city worthy of its role at the centre of The Catholic Church. He understood that to exert his will on the city plan in perpetuity he needed to establish a design structure which would inspire new places from which movement patterns would emanate and inter-connect.

He hit upon the happy idea of marking out his plan using Roman obelisks, of which Rome had a substantial number, and erected these at key nodal points around the city. Over time, lines drawn between obelisks became important routes, spaces drawn around obelisks became city squares, and thus Sixtus’s will was imposed for decades and even centuries after his death. This is the power of an idea. The idea of order implanted, a single point in space becoming a powerful design force, bringing order out of chaos.

Historically, views from Westminster Bridge in London looking west down the Thames to Vauxhall ended in nothingness. The city fell away as the great river curved out of sight, its course bending towards Chelsea. The imposing buildings of the City to the east contrasted with the decaying remnants of a commercial past on the south bank to the west. At this nodal point at the bend in the river where the view from Westminster terminates, I have overseen the design and construction of a 21st century ‘obelisk’ that forms a new focal point in one of Britain’s iconic vistas and London’s river landscape.

The Tower, London, UK

The Tower, London, UK

Partnered with the Grade 2 listed Millbank Tower on the north bank, The Tower, One St George Wharf, is becoming a new London landmark which takes centre stage alongside The London Eye and The Palace of Westminster in the reordered view, giving focus to the vista from Westminster, whilst from the hinterland of Battersea, the building is a destination marker at the end of Nine Elm’s Road, one of the major arterial routes into the centre of the city.

The Tower, London, UK

The Tower, London, UK

Putting Vauxhall on the map has generated a wave of regeneration in a once blighted area with huge potential, and numerous secondary developments have since been spawned, inspired by the bravery and forward-sightedness of Broadway Malyan’s vision. The underused riverside between The Tower One St George Wharf and the disused shell of Battersea Power Station, itself a relic of the past, is now set to be transformed.

When complete in late 2013, the 390,000 sq ft, residential tower will stand at just over 180 metres, making it amongst London’s tallest structures and one of Europe’s tallest wholly residential buildings. It will provide 223 luxury apartments over 50 floors. Due to its small footprint and visually subtle circular plan form, ‘The Tower’ has exceptionally slender pencil-like proportions when viewed from any direction. The circular form and floor to ceiling glazing means that the resident’s and users of the building will enjoy stunning 360-degree views over the capital making it one of the most desirable emerging residential addresses in the capital.

The Tower, London, UK

The Tower, London, UK

The building’s form is deceptively simple. The unique floor plan of ‘The Tower’, inspired by the form of a turning Catherine wheel, is typically divided into five apartments per floor with separating walls radiating out from the central core. Sky gardens which provide residents with protected semi external space step forward from the pure circular plan creating steps in the façade accentuate the building’s verticality and provide variety and interest to the detailing of the building’s refined, clean, minimalist look.

The facade reduces in diameter on upper floor levels to further articulate the building form and provide spectacular 360 degree terraces which lead the eye to the sculptural wind turbine that crowns the structure and resolves the way it touches the sky.

Pioneering green and sustainable technologies showcase the design team and developer’s commitment to sustainable development by reducing the building’s environmental impact.

Despite its glassy appearance, ‘The Tower’ will require only one third of the gas or electrical energy for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation than that of a conventional tall building, with consequent reductions in CO2 over its life span. Energy savings will be made using a sophisticated, triple glazed façade with interstitial blinds, low ‘e’ coating and sky gardens that will act as a thermal buffer and opening windows which provide habitable rooms with fresh air to lessen resident’s reliance on air conditioning.

Much of the tower’s energy savings are obtained from renewable sources. A ten metre high, vertical axis wind turbine at the top of the tower will generate an estimated 20,000kWh of energy per year, sufficient to power lighting in all the common parts of the tower. The building will also draw water from London’s aquifer deep below ground and utilise ‘heat exchange technology’ for heating and cooling the building.

The residences are being successfully marketed globally, reinforcing London’s position as a world leader in high-end residential property. Elegant exteriors, exceptional interior design, five star facilities and breath-taking views, all combine to make it one of the world’s most exceptional residences. Leading every stage of the design and delivery, Broadway Malyan’s Weybridge-based specialist residential architects and interior designers have been immersed in every aspect of the design from inception to completion.

The Tower, London, UK

The Tower, London, UK

The lower floors of The Tower will house the concierge-manned reception, a business lounge, screening room and a resident’s gym and spa with thermal treatment zone and a swimming pool overlooking the River Thames. These facilities will be managed by the renowned Harrods Estates Asset Management team.

The landscape setting around the Tower has been designed to complement the building’s geometry and will stretch out to the River Thames across the publicly accessible riverside path that extends into the neighbouring Boroughs. Contemporary water features, granite walls, hardwood benching, planting and lighting all radiate out from the building’s facade and have been carefully designed to control the wind environment at the base of this tall structure.

The main project team for The Tower comprises Broadway Malyan (Architecture, Apartment Interior Design, Implementation Architect and Landscape Architect), WYG / Robert Bird Group (Structural Engineers), Grontmij (MEP & VT Engineers), Laing O’Rourke (Substructure), Brookfield Multiplex (Shell & Core) and St George (Fit Out).

Please get in touch for more information on the project and our work in London.

Peter Crossley



Carrefour Holea Plaza, Huelva, Spain

Carrefour Holea Plaza, Huelva, Spain

Jorge Ponce Director

Jorge Ponce

Practice’s Caffeine Report reveals Spain-based retail developers’ nightmares

Market Focus from Director Jorge Ponce

Lack of lending for new retail development continues to restrict new projects

The lack of cash or credit from Spanish banks for retail development in Spain appears to be the standout ‘nightmare’ for senior real estate developers and operators in Spain.

That is the headline of research commissioned by global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan and entitled ‘The Caffeine Report’.

The study marks the third quarterly research project into what keeps developers and operators in different countries awake at night, as well as what helps them sleep more easily.

The fieldwork has been conducted by TNS, part of Kantar, one of the world’s largest insight, information and consultancy groups. A total of 30 interviews were conducted in June 2013.

The research covers a range of topical issues and the extent to which industry professionals agree or disagree with each of the areas below (using a five point semantic scale – strongly agree, tend to agree, neither agree nor disagree, tend to disagree, strongly disagree):

‘Nightmares’ – issues that keep developers awake at night (% who agree: ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’):

  1. No cash or credit from Spanish banks for retail development in Spain (90%)
  2. Variable planning legislation and restrictions across Spain (63%)
  3. Growth in online sales and long-term general threat to physical retail centres and stores (63%)
  4. Pressure to maintain or grow market share in Spain in face of competitor activity (43%)

Other nightmares highlighted were: a fall in consumption directly impacting on retail purchases; the lack of a clear economic plan for the country; the need for reducing taxburdens through financial reform; and the perception of Spain (together with other countries in Southern Europe) as being a risky place for investment.

The study also identifies opportunities for retail developers in the Spanish retail sector including:

‘Sweet dreams’ – issues that help developers sleep at night (% who agree: ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’):

  1. Opportunity to invest and reposition outlets with market recovery predicted in the mid-term (87%)
  2. Long-term market potential in South American markets for Spanish and European expertise (57%)
  3. Low land prices in Spain (54%)
  4. Continued role of physical stores in context of growth in mixed retail and leisure uses (50%)
  5. Growth of off-price and price-conscious retail and opportunities for brand-led development (47%)

Other ‘sweet dreams’ highlighted were: the creation of new opportunities, operators, business lines, relocations and corporate repositioning that lead to a new business model shaped to current market conditions; recognition for the growing expertise of retail centre managers with proven track records; and the further development of environmental and sustainable models.

Asked for their views on wider macroeconomic issues, respondents said that their primary concern is the need to facilitate greater access to finance for both developers and consumers. They also mentioned financial reforms, with a reduction in income tax and VAT mentioned as positive changes that would support existing businesses and consumers, and help to attract new inward investment.

Dalvian, Mendoza Mall, Argentina

Dalvian, Mendoza Mall, Argentina

Respondents would also like to see reforms implemented to drive employment as well as seeking greater consistency across Spain’s autonomous governments. Significantly, they viewed Spain as a country lacking political leadership with clear policies.

Asked about the management of their own businesses, retailers operating in Spain have developed increasing flexibility in looking for new markets – driven more by consumer necessity than by speculative profit. They have also created new commercial spaces and working models.

Carrefour San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carrefour San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Respondents highlighted the labour market as being particularly badly affected by the economic downturn, resulting in widespread salary freezes and dismissals. In contrast, many took inspiration from an increased awareness of the social aspects of the crisis including continued education, changes to working patterns and overseas relocation.

Broadway Malyan Director Jorge Ponce comments: “The research suggests that a new benchmark for business is being defined through the sale of inoperative assets and investment in strategic ones, as well as through short-term cost management and exploring new opportunities in emerging markets. Despite the economic crisis, the retail sector has a particular vitality and demands attention for its ability to adapt to a changing economic environment.”

“Through the market-leading skills, expertise and experience of our team of World class retail design experts we are working in partnership with clients to take advantage of the clear opportunities appearing in the current marketplace in Spain and Latin America.”

Broadway Malyan’s recent projects in Spain include the concept design for the 35,000 square metres extension to the Carrefour Holea Plaza, one of Spain’s largest hypermarkets, located in Huelva, in the south of the country.

The practice’s Madrid-based team is also delivering projects in South America, including in Argentina where it is designing a mixed-use scheme built around an existing retail centre on a site covering approximately 150,000 square metres in the city of Dalvian Mendoza.

It is also supporting the delivery of a major extension and refurbishment to the San Miguel Argentina shopping centre for client Carrefour, involving 18,000 square metres of new retail and leisure space to transform the existing hypermarket into an iconic shopping destination on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

For more information about our research or our projects do contact me.

Jorge Ponce



Bandar Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bandar Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Major project news from Broadway Malyan

Practice’s winning masterplan set to transform Kuala Lumpur

1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) has appointed a global team to partner with local planners to create a game-changing masterplan for Bandar Malaysia, Malaysia.

The team is led by Broadway Malyan, supported by world-class design and engineering teams from Arup and Sinclair Knight Merz, in collaboration with local planner Arah Rancang Malaysia. The winning team was selected from a total of six finalists based on concept proposals which perfectly captures the essence of 1MDB’s vision and commitment for a mixed-use development that will help transform Kuala Lumpur into one of the world’s best global cities.

The appointment is the culmination of a comprehensive multi-stage international masterplan competition organised by the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP). The winning team was chosen by a panel of local and international experts in real estate and urban planning. The idea and design competition attracted participation from well-known local and international planning teams who competed in three rounds of eliminations.

1MDB Real Estate Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Azmar Talib said: “The winning design best represents 1MDB’s vision and fundamentals for the development of Bandar Malaysia. Broadway Malyan and Arah Rancang Malaysia’s concept masterplan provides a strong foundation for the next stage, which is to further develop Bandar Malaysia to become the benchmark for sustainability and liveability in the region, in line with the national vision of making Kuala Lumpur the world’s top 20 most liveable cities by 2020.”

MIP’s past president and Bandar Malaysia International Masterplan Competition Head Khairiah Talha said: “The submissions were mostly of very high calibre, but Broadway Malyan and Arah Rancang Malaysia’s entry stood out for its inclusion of an innovative approach that is the masterplan’s ‘software’, where the communities themselves will help shape a cohesive and dynamic environment in Bandar Malaysia.

”MIP is very proud to collaborate with 1MDB on this project to fulfil a national aspiration. We are very pleased with the panel’s choice and are confident that Broadway Malyan and Arah Rancang Malaysia will be able to deliver a visionary masterplan fitting a global city which Bandar Malaysia aims to be.”

The 196-hectare Bandar Malaysia is envisioned to be one of the most desirable environments to live, learn, work and play in the Asian region. The strategic real estate development project aims to combine a vibrant mixed-use community with a commercial district to foster creativity and innovation. It will be an international destination for culture and the arts showcasing Malaysia’s diverse culture.

Dato’ Azmar said: “Bandar Malaysia will be an inclusive, public transit-oriented city that is designed as a walkable community through a series of safe, secure and pleasant pedestrian and cycling networks, set against a backdrop of well-articulated open spaces and greenery. As part of 1MDB’s commitment towards providing affordable housing, Bandar Malaysia aims to be the yardstick for sustainable and affordable urban housing within Malaysia.”

Recent masterplans delivered by Broadway Malyan include visions for new cities in Abu Dhabi (a 680 hectare waterfront community of up to 55,000 inhabitants on Yas Island), Brazil (Convida Suape – a new city involving the transformation of a 470 hectare area for 100,000 inhabitants) and Iraq (the ‘10×10’ project involving a 17km² extension of Sadr City, Baghdad, and the creation of New Sadr City).


Al Ain, UAE

Al Ain, UAE

Tallest structure tops out on Broadway Malyan-masterplanned scheme in UAE

The first construction phase of a mixed-use scheme in Al Ain, UAE, masterplanned and designed by Broadway Malyan, has reached a critical milestone with the topping-out of the tallest structure, the 25,000-seat ‘Hassa Bin Zayed Stadium’, which is set to open in December.

The stadium and mixed-use scheme will ultimately comprise over 1.5m sqft of development including hospitality, commercial and residential space, and represent a major new destination in the city of Al Ain, providing a central year-round location for sports and football enthusiasts, families, friends and businesses to come together.

The stadium will be the most modern, state-of-the-art facility in the Middle East. It will be managed and operated by the Al Ain Club Investment Company, is inspired by the natural landscape of Al Ain and will encompass both traditional and innovative design. It will be the new home ground for the famous Al Ain Football Club, the most successful club in the UAE.

Broadway Malyan is lead design consultant on the scheme, with its Abu Dhabi-based team of expert masterplanners, architects and designers having led the masterplan and design and delivery stages, and an international team of specialist designers and engineers including Pattern Architects, Thornton Tomasetti, Hoare Lea & Partners and Aecom.

Director Ian Apsley said: “Reaching the first major milestone in the construction of the scheme is testament to our world-class and integrated team of diverse design experts working in close partnership with the client to create a major new leisure and entertainment destination.”

It is the latest success for the team following its recent first major project win in Doha, Qatar, and major commissions in Iraq and Bahrain, on the back of the approval of its detailed masterplans for Al Maryah Island (formerly Sowwah Island), covering over 3.5 million sqm of mixed-use development and North Yas, a 680 hectare waterfront community on Yas Island, both in Abu Dhabi.


Everton Park Destination Hub, Liverpool, UK

Everton Park Destination Hub, Liverpool, UK

Broadway Malyan wins design competition for ‘destination hub’ in Liverpool, UK

The Liverpool-based team of Broadway Malyan has secured a high-profile appointment to design the Everton Park Destination Hub in Liverpool, UK.

The decision follows a public consultation and an expert technical assessment which saw over 120 residents and interested parties provide views on five different proposals for Everton Park’s future visitor experience.

The practice’s design includes an information centre, event and gallery space and café and was deemed to make best use of the Park’s unrivalled panoramic views of the city and the River Mersey.

Max Steinberg, Chief Executive of Liverpool Vision, the economic development company that organised the event, said: “This is a major milestone on Everton Park’s journey and the winning design will act as a spur to approaching funding bodies to help us start the project later this year. Broadway Malyan’s stunning and innovative approach fit most perfectly with our ambition to make Everton Park a major tourist destination and a great community asset.”

Broadway Maylan Director Matt Brook said: “People responded to the way we made use of the existing environment, especially the staggering views. We explored the notion of ‘reveal’ by combining the landscape with a linear east to west-facing building so that the full panorama is concealed and only revealed once the visitor reaches the tip of the building, maximising the impact of the vista and enhancing the visitor experience. We now look forward to helping to realise the potential of one of the city’s best assets.”

The Everton Park Destination Hub is one of many initiatives taking place in the park, including a heritage trail and landscape based proposals from international artist Fritz Haeg and renowned landscape architect James Corner, which have been presented as part of Liverpool’s Biennial. When finalised, Broadway Malyan’s design will be submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a funding assessment.


Gwiazda Morza Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Gwiazda Morza Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Practice wins brief for high-profile hotel on Baltic Sea coast

Broadway Malyan’s Warsaw team has secured its first major project win following the bolstering of the practice’s operations in Poland, which has seen main board Director David Anderson joining the team and the practice investing in a new, larger central-Warsaw studio.

Following a competitive pitch process, the practice has won the architectural and interior concept design brief for the high-profile Gwiazda Morza Hotel at Władysławowo, a seaside resort on the Baltic Sea coast north of Tri City, Poland. The practice’s client is Gwiazda Morza sp. z o.o. S.K.A., a developer of mixed-use holiday apartments and destination hotel projects.

The hotel will be the first four-star global brand hotel in the local market, offer 120 rooms with condominium and apartment facilities, as well as a spa and conference centre and speciality dining experiences. It will benefit from a woodland setting and provide guests with panoramic views across the beautiful bay and marina of Władysławowo.

Krzysztof Sobolewski, President of the Management Board at Gwiazda Morza, said: “We are very pleased to have attracted a leading architecture practice with strong global hospitality sector credentials to the project. The hotel will benefit from a fantastic location, 120 metres from the sea and 300 metres from the marina, in a sheltered harbour of Władysławowo. Our mutual goal is to create a sustainable development with outstanding architecture.”

David Anderson said: “This project win is the first result of our new strategy, aimed at growing our team in Poland and widening our project portfolio across sectors, on the back of our strong reputation in the retail sector. We are now targeting our highly-competitive, multi-sector and country-wide design services to local developer, contractor, local authority and operator clients, as well as drawing on the world-class expertise of our diverse team of global design experts, to ensure that we are the design partner of choice for international clients in Poland and wider region.”

David has joined Warsaw-based Director of Architecture Robert Kaminski and Associate Director Marcin Janusz to grow the practice’s presence in the Polish hospitality and leisure sector, with long-term positive prospects on the back of UEFA EURO 2012, and as global hotel brands enter and expand in the Polish market.

The practice will also target growth in the aviation sector, with the team building a growing reputation through its engagement with the Airport Cities initiative, such as through its lead partner status for the recent Airport City Seminars at Krakow and Lublin Airports, as well as following successful projects at Katowice Airport. Meanwhile, the team will continue to target new opportunities in the retail sector, as developers target second-tiers cities and roll-out innovative ‘brand within a brand’ concepts, as well as clients operating in the resilient Warsaw-focused office market.


Dulwich College, China

Dulwich College, China

Broadway Malyan to design its first school in China after competition win

The practice has secured a high-profile brief to design a major new school campus in China for up to 1,500 students, with client Dulwich College International, the international partner of leading UK independent school, Dulwich College.

The new campus in Minhang, Shanghai, is the latest planned by the client, following the creation of Dulwich College Shanghai in Pudong as an independent, British international school in 2003 and which today provides world-class education to 1,400 expatriate students aged two to 18.

Since then, the client has established Colleges in Beijing, Suzhou (China), in Seoul (Korea) and another is opening in Singapore in August 2014. Dulwich also has two A-level programmes in Suzhou and Zhuhai.

Broadway Malyan won the appointment against a competitive field of international designers and consultants, with the practice set to deliver a wide range of masterplanning, architectural, interior and landscape design services.

Director Jeremy Salmon said: “We have secured this prestigious project on the back of our practice’s growing reputation in China for the delivery of fully-integrated, sustainable and future-proofed schemes, the experience and skills of our world-class education design experts, their international project credentials and distinctive approach to client partnering.”

This Minhang campus has space for two schools within the first phase. Dulwich College will serve international students and consist of three distinct schools made up of an early years building, as well as a junior school and senior school building, with ample sporting facilities. Meanwhile, Dulwich College International is still determining the nature of the second school on the site.

The Dulwich College campus will be constructed on a 40,000 square metre site, with the gross floor area of about 72,000 square metres, with Dulwich College accommodating about 1,500 students.

The practice’s masterplan wraps accommodation around a grand quad featuring multi-use turf sports pitches and a cricket oval, focusing the internal on the external. The architectural development of the masterplan follows Dulwich College’s unique educational ethos and presents a contemporary reflection of the UK school’s brand heritage.

The first phase of the campus is split into four buildings, combined early years and juniors, a central facilities building housing a 560 seat professional theatre, senior school and an indoor sports hall including a 50m swimming pool. The sports hall sits to the north of the junior school, while the proposed boarding house lies adjacent to the senior school. Each of the schools features a modern take on the cloistered courtyard, providing a range of secure, high-quality external teaching, learning and playground landscapes.

On the back of its international education project portfolio, which includes seven recent school openings for client the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the completion of the high-profile £66 million Bournville College campus in Birmingham (UK), the practice is actively targeting the international schools sector, with campuses providing a catalyst for regeneration schemes which support local government strategy in China and Asia.


Barons Quay, Northwich, UK

Barons Quay, Northwich, UK

Go ahead for Broadway Malyan-designed £80m scheme in historic UK salt town

An historic Cheshire town centre is to be transformed by an £80m scheme creating 1,400 jobs and ending decades of delay caused by salt mining subsidence.

The riverside Barons Quay development in Northwich, designed by Broadway Malyan, will give the town a multi-screen cinema, major food store, hotel, restaurants, bars, shops, petrol station and additional free car parking.

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Strategic Planning Committee has unanimously approved the scheme which takes full advantage of the river frontage while creating strong links to the traditional shopping areas. It is hoped that work will begin on site by autumn 2014 and be completed by the end of 2016.

Northwich has been at the centre of Britain’s salt industry since Roman times but the legacy of unstable mines beneath the town centre prevented any significant growth in the past 30 years. A £32 million programme completed in 2007 stabilised the abandoned mines by replacing millions of litres of brine from the mines with a mixture of pulverised fuel ash and cement and clearing the way for development. An impact study commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester predicts the 8.26 hectare Barons Quay development will reverse a trend of people shopping elsewhere.

Director Matt Brook said: “The planning green light is a major milestone in the creation of a unique visitor destination that capitalises on Northwich’s waterfront and parkland setting and references its industrial heritage as a fully integrated extension to the town centre.

“It is testament to our close partnering with the Council and wider project team and will result in the delivery of a series of simple elegant buildings, providing a backdrop to a significant quantity of new public realm; including three new major public spaces connected by a series of new retail streets.”


Porto Atlantico, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Porto Atlantico, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Broadway Malyan in key role on sell-out Rio port gateway

Porto Atlântico, a flagship mixed-use scheme which is set to create a high-profile gateway to the redeveloped Porto Maravilha area of Rio de Janeiro, the largest revitalisation project in Brazil, has completely sold on launch.

Broadway Malyan has supported the scheme as consultant architect to client Odebrecht, participating on the architectural concept design and consultancy and providing specialised technical support, with construction due to complete in 2016.

The project features a set of contemporary buildings with a strong presence that will deliver a vibrant scheme including 95,000 square metres of office space, 4,500 square metres of retail space with 50 shops, an Ibis and Novotel hotel with 450 rooms, as well as new public realm.

The design features cutting-edge glass façade technologies, including high-performance thermo-acoustic glass, with façades designed to maximise the use of natural light. It also features sustainable measures including rainwater harvesting, sensor-activated lighting, central selective garbage collection, a waste water treatment plant and water-saving sanitary system, as well as parking facilities for electric vehicles. The practice’s role has been led by its Lisbon-based team of expert designers with support from its São Paulo and Madrid offices.

Director Margarida Caldeira said: “The hugely successful launch is the latest milestone for this flagship scheme, with the design a testament to our world-class and diverse team of integrated design experts partnering with the client to deliver on its ambitious vision for a high-profile gateway to Rio’s revitalised port area.”

Porto Maravilha is being delivered by the largest public-private partnership in Brazil and will see the creation of a new hub for business, tourism, leisure and culture as an extension of the centre of Rio de Janeiro.

The practice opened its office in Brazil in 2011 on the back of projects in the country, including a five star resort hotel. Since then it has celebrated the launch of projects including its masterplan vision for Convida Suape, a new city in North Eastern Brazil.