Carrefour Holea

Located in Huelva, Southern Spain, Holea is a major shopping and leisure centre for French multinational retailer Carrefour. The existing shopping centre has been extended by 35,000m² of let-able retail and leisure provision, transforming it into the most important commercial centre in Andalusia. A great architectural parasol appears to float above the circulation routes, tying the project together and giving it a unique personality.

The scheme takes it design influence from local Mediterranean villages and materials, incorporating distinctive design details into a contemporary shopping environment, with open air streets and public spaces connecting retail units with restaurants, a food court and cinemas. A strong environmental vision guided the design, taking the form of ambitious green cladding. Freestanding retail volumes have planted green walls. These form striking focal points within the circulation spaces, all arranged under the parasol.


Client: Carrefour Property
Location: Huelva, Spain
Size: 35,000² GLA 
Skills: Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Status: Completed

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